Thursday, 17 May 2007

Blue Square Patchwork

This little patchwork measures 22 x 22 inches . Each little square is 1 and 1/2inches square.
It was made from leftover shapes from another project. I made the little blocks of four, if you look at a corner to see two colours of each to make the block. Then I just arranged what I had until it looked okay. I particularly like the way the dark diagonal cross is formed . The fabrics are a mix of recycled and new cottons. I like using bits from my husbands old shirts , old curtains from past houses , old blouses or clothing from my past or that belonged to my daughter . I like finding fabrics in the charity shops too.
I think it looks rather like a painting , a piece of modern art . Close your eyes slightly as you look at it to see the pattern better. Hope you like it . I usually use it on top of a basket as a sort of cover, looks old that a word ?

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grumpy old woman said...

Hi Milly

I LOVE your work - thanks for sharing. Keep 'em coming!