Thursday, 19 January 2012

Blue Windmills

This is my "Blue Windmill" Quilt.  I made it for the 2012 Olympic Games.   It is going to be given as part of  "A Gift of a Quilt"  to a country taking part.   I signed up to do this in 2010 at the Festival of Quilts at the NEC, it had to be completed for September 2011.   I had a busy year but managed to get it finished in time.   There are plans to exhibit all the 500 quilts at London this year.
I made it from blue shirts,  pillowcases and sheets and mixed with some new fabrics.  A lot of the fabric was recycled and some from the charity shops.  I was pleased how it turned out.

 I also used my little pincushion I made with the Hare drawing on it.  I stuffed it with some sheep wool I collected on the shore.   The quilt was packed and posted and arrived safely at its destination.
Where will it end up ?   I wonder.
I have another windmill quilt on the go,  using some of the beautiful Liberty prints.   When I find the time I will post some photographs.   It could be a while before it is finished, so they will be work in progress pictures.

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Patchwork Star

I made my patchwork star from a sample book of Sanderson prints. I had seen the stars in magazines and thought it would be fascinating to make one. Then I saw it in an old book I found in the charity shop, so I had to have a go.
It took 60 triangles, sewed with a card backing. Three triangles were joined to make a pyramid, which therefore made 20 pyramids.
It was tricky, so tricky I put it away for a while. Eventually I finished it. It is hard to explain, but you can see in the photograph that 5 pyramids join in a star shape, therefore you use all your 20 making these star shapes and then join it all together. I found it difficult getting inside the shapes to join the seams.
I was thrilled to finish it and I loved the finished result.
One day I will try a different sized star.
It was like a puzzle joining it together to make the whole star. I

Thursday, 13 August 2009

A little log cabin

I made this tiny log cabin quilt as my first attempt at this pattern. It has sixteen identical tiny squares which measure three inches square. I used one inch strips.
The finished quilt measures about fifteen inches square. I would love to do a huge one for my bed, maybe one day. If I just do small things they get finished.
I have just bought a new sewing machine and promised to make more quilts. And to finish off all the ones I started and I put away years ago. It will be nice discovering some of my old sewing projects....and finishing them. Wish me luck.
Can you see any similarities to my drawings?

Thursday, 28 February 2008

My Blue Strip patchwork

I made this little quilt with all the left over bits from other quilts. I cut them into 2 inch wide strips and sewed them together. It just sort of made itself, no real planning, but I do like the finished result. Lots of favourite fabrics from other projects all ending up together . Press on picture to enlarge, You will see my tacking stitches, as its not quite finished yet.

Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Faded Roses and Favourite Fabrics

This unfinished piece of patchwork has been on the go for years. It is using up straps of fabric from all kinds of fabrics that were once curtains or cushions or in other projects . It has lots of bits of floral fabrics , one of my favourite is Sanderson Rose and Peony and there are lots of bits of it in there. I like using bits and getting little images of the patterns. Maroon and burgundy and dusty pink colours are my favourites when choosing florals and I think they look so good together. This was started years ago and it is just draped over the back of a chair getting more and more faded, maybe one day it will get finished. I actually like looking at the wrong side which is even more faded and seeing all the raw edges.
It is made with right angled triangles , and before I owned a rotary cutter , so each piece was cut out by hand . I Love it , hope you like it too .

Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Pin Wheel Patchwork

This little patchwork is made with the pin wheel block . It is one of my favourite patterns and always looks great . You can arrange it in any way and make a lovely quilt . I arranged this one with a centre and then worked outwards to form my pattern . It is a good block to use up odd pieces of fabrics. Kaffe Fassett uses this pin wheel in lots of his gorgeous quilts. I like doing smaller quilts, that way they do get finished . Although I have to admitt to having lots of unfinished projects or "works in progress." I used some old blue shirts and some gingham in this quilt. It measures about 42 inches x 32 inches. Triangles are my favourite shape for patchwork , but can be tricky to sew as you need to be very accurate. I think they make super pattterns. Hope you like it , if you half close your eyes you get to see the pattern better.

Thursday, 17 May 2007

Blue Square Patchwork

This little patchwork measures 22 x 22 inches . Each little square is 1 and 1/2inches square.
It was made from leftover shapes from another project. I made the little blocks of four, if you look at a corner to see two colours of each to make the block. Then I just arranged what I had until it looked okay. I particularly like the way the dark diagonal cross is formed . The fabrics are a mix of recycled and new cottons. I like using bits from my husbands old shirts , old curtains from past houses , old blouses or clothing from my past or that belonged to my daughter . I like finding fabrics in the charity shops too.
I think it looks rather like a painting , a piece of modern art . Close your eyes slightly as you look at it to see the pattern better. Hope you like it . I usually use it on top of a basket as a sort of cover, looks old that a word ?