Sunday, 13 May 2007

My Beautiful Pyramid Patchwork

I love working with triangles although they can be tricky to sew. I love the detail, the way the eye follows the patterns to make larger triangles within triangles. I made this one last year. Around 300 triangles to make this small patchwork ,which measures about 1 metre square. It is sewn on my old singer sewing machine .


Frances said...

Hello dear Milly,
So you have a Singer as well. My heavy, "portable" Singer was one of the very first, Major, purchases made when I moved to New York in 1967. Can you believe that it still runs, when I can drag it out from its hallowed spot in my closet.
That Singer created my clothes for decades, and even now, at the shop, I think that I am not a bad seamstress.
I did my sewing and my knitting because I could not "afford my taste" in shops. Nowadays, it seems that sewing and knitting have become some sort of bijoux relaxation techniques.
The more I think about that, the older I will feel.
So my thought will cease.
Days off are only a few days away. Camera, perhaps. I know that I could turn to you to learn how to photograph my old paintings, drawings, prints.
But now, as I finish a rushed supper, I had better get onto the phone and wishe my mom (a very complicated relation there) our US version of Happy Mother's Day.
Best wishes to you and all your family.

Computerarte said...

I Milly love this patchwork, I think I'm going to try do one but the simple with stripes.

Milly said...

This is beautiful, i wish i had that patience! Do you sell them?

purplepaint said...

Your quilts are gorgeous! Look forward to seeing more.