Thursday, 13 August 2009

A little log cabin

I made this tiny log cabin quilt as my first attempt at this pattern. It has sixteen identical tiny squares which measure three inches square. I used one inch strips.
The finished quilt measures about fifteen inches square. I would love to do a huge one for my bed, maybe one day. If I just do small things they get finished.
I have just bought a new sewing machine and promised to make more quilts. And to finish off all the ones I started and I put away years ago. It will be nice discovering some of my old sewing projects....and finishing them. Wish me luck.
Can you see any similarities to my drawings?


acornmoon said...

This is lovely, I was delighted to read that you are going to do more sewing, you should do a new post alert on your other blog maybe?


All of your quilts are lovely. I hope you enjoy finishing off your older projects too, that's the main things, not putting yourself under pressure but enjoying the evolving process. Thank you for finding my quilt at the show :o) quite a few people have told me it was hard to find x